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Self Inking stamps From Adams Rubber Stamps, Melbourne

As it name implies, self Inking stamps are the type of stamps which comes with a tool that supplies ink to the rubber. A stamp pad is no longer needed because an ink pad is already included. It gives clearer imprints and can be easily placed on to the paper or any other flat permeable surface. Unlike the traditional

rubber stamps, it is neat as well as being efficient.

Self inking stamps are also recognized as a push down stamp because of the manner by which the rubber is pressed down on to the printing surface. The use of self inking stamps dates back to the mid-twentieth century. This amazing invention was made renowned by its capability to be used again and again. Not only does it save time but it also produces very clear and precise transfer of the design or logo from the stamp on to the printing surface.

But wait, it does not stop there! Let me tell you how self inking stamps work. If you are familiar with the traditional rubber stamp, I suggest that you forget it for now. Let us focus on self inking stamps for now.

Self inking stamps usually have three parts: the stamp, the stamp pad and a casing which houses both the stamp and the stamp pad. The casing also serves as the handle. To use, simply position the self inking stamp on to the paper or any other permeable material that you need to have an imprint on. Then, apply a relative amount of pressure to the handle. After the application of pressure, the rubber stamp flips over, gets inked, makes the impression on the paper and reverts back to its original position.

And that’s not all! You may be wondering what happens next when your ink runs dry. Self inking stamps are very adaptable to use because the ink pads are replaceable. You also get to vary the color of your imprints based on the available colored ink pads. Isn’t that cool? You get to do away with all the mess you have experienced before with your traditional rubber stamps. Plus you have the option to vary the color of your impressions made by self inking stamps.

Let’s face it, self inking stamps may have gone a long way revolutionizing the work practices but you may have not yet experience the advantage of owning one. Most of today’s successful companies have discovered and enjoyed the benefits of using self inking stamps. And up to now, they are still reaping the value in terms of increased productivity in their work flow.

Still not convinced? Self inking stamps at Adams Rubber Stamps, Melbourne can be customized to suit your specific needs. They are easy to use and gives your company a very good and lasting impression. Not only do you do away with the mess as with your traditional rubber stamps but you also reap the benefit of saving time in your work.

Why not make a decision TODAY and order your self inking stamps at Adams Rubber Stamps, Melbourne NOW? You’ll surely be glad that you did!

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