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How to use Rubber Stamps to promote your Start-up business

How-to-use-Rubber-Stamps-to-promote-your-Start-up-businessWhen we hear the word rubber stamp one thing that immediately comes to mind are images of documents with words like ‘paid’ or ‘received’ printed on them. However, there are several alternative ways that it can be used in businesses or even craft making

Rubber stamps are not only great as administrative office tools they are also useful in many other areas of business including brand building.

While the giants of the business community have all the funds to promote and have their brand and logo printed on brochures and other printed literatures, smaller start-up enterprises usually don’t have enough money to do this.

This is where rubber stamps take the spotlight since they are a surefire way for small businesses to literally and figuratively make their own mark.

A good example for promoting your brand using stamps is through your packaging. A rubber stamp can be used to print your logo on a thank you note on boxes and paper bags you use to parcel your customer’s items.

If you’re in the craft making business, you would want something more personalized to accentuate your products. You should stay away from anything that seems to be commercially produced and rubber stamps can give you exactly that.

Rubber stamps can also help you spruce up your business cards. The stamps are available in many different colors and can print any kind of information you want. If you have limited funds and can only afford for black and white business cards, you can use a customized stamp to add in your logo.

While most of the uses are for promoting your brand or logo, rubber stamps can also be used to market your business as a whole. Customization allows you to have any kind of information engraved onto your stamp including your business address, contact numbers, and even your website of email address.

Other uses of rubber stamps include customization of handmade gift cards that you can give to your clients as well as marketing postcards. It can also be used to design fabric-based promotional materials.

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