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Rubber Stamps From Adams Rubber Stamps, Melbourne

Being everybody’s favorite, the traditional rubber stamp doesn’t need a lengthy introduction. Being around for quite a number of decades now, it is a fact that they were the first stamps used during the early years of our culture. Initially, it was limited to craft lovers and hobbyists but with the advent of technology, most successful companies are using rubber stamps for their varied corporate needs.

Rubber stamps are frequently attached on a piece of wood which also functions as a holder. A stamp pad is used to feed ink to the rubber with a specific design and copy the ink onto paper. Once the stamp pad dries up, it can be refilled with ink. The traditional rubber stamp is the oldest among all other rubber stamps. If a traditional rubber stamp suits your needs, let us know!

You can never be wrong with rubber stamps! Not only is it handy and useful, it is maintenance free and durable. It saves you time. One need not manually write too many information again and again. Rubber stamps take care of that. Design you rubber stamps in a way that all the information you need to write will be included.

Rubbers stamps indeed are handy little tools that give a big impact as far as productivity is concerned. The importance of it can be never go unnoticed. But that’s not all, here at Adams Rubber Stamps, Melbourne every rubber stamp is created with the highest quality and workmanship. We see to it that you get what you need and that you are fully satisfied with your rubber stamps ordered at Adams Rubber Stamps, Melbourne.

You can find below some of the standard sizes from Adams Rubber Stamps, Melbourne. You can select one or simply use them as a guide to help you decide on the size you need.

You can have your rubber stamps from a 1-liner up to a 21-liner. Maybe you want to know how each size will look like in actual size. We have provided an option for you to print out all sizes to scale.

Try to click on one of the sizes and you’ll get to see not only the cost but also a preview of how your rubber stamp will look like. Simply provide the information you need on your rubber stamps; Company Logos, Trademarks and Signatures are just some of them.

If you think the size you need is not part of the standard sizes given, let us know and we’ll work it out especially for you.

But wait, you haven’t seen nothing yet! By this time, you probably have in your mind the perfect design for your rubber stamp. It could be one that you need for receiving documents where you write the date and include your signature and your company name. Wouldn’t it be great to do just that in one quick motion of a rubber stamp?

Well, don’t let it stay in your mind, take the next step! Go, design your rubber stamp and see what big difference rubber stamps make. Enjoy!

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Select from our Traditional rubber stamps and choose sizes. Make your own Including adding your own logo using our rubber stamp design wizard.

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Manufacturing time for your stamp is usually 1–2 working days. However, orders received and paid for by 2:00pm are dispatched via Express Post the same day. Therefore, you may receive your order overnight, subject to Australia Post.

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Delivered Directly to you via Express Post at a charge of $11.60 Inc gst

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